Jnoon Characters

Jnoon characters:  JnOOn, Jonah, Plumbo & Bazoo are the 4 main characters for JnOOn Events, each having their own characteristics, JnOOn being the head leader of the team, and has a special hobby in organizing birthday parties, Jonah being the sweet girl who loves cooking and playing dress up, Plumbo being the kid who love plumbing and fixing stuff, and bazoo being the friendly bee who'se good in giving directions and planning... Enjoy coloring JnOOn characters...

Jnoon & Jonah on the phone

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Jnoon & Friends

  • Our JnOOn is ready for your crazy special event wishes ! Don't forget to wish big !

  • Our Jonah loves cake baking and candies 

  • Our plumbo is a fixer and builder !

  • Our bazoo takes us on a crazy busy birthday adventure !