JnOOn Outdoor Bday Selena Gomez theme

JnOOn organized a Selena Gomez Theme birthday party at St Georges Yacht Club. Jnoon buffet table decoration Selena Gomez theme place mats & water bottles designed by JnOOn graphics to mugs return gifts, Selena Gomez banner, balloons centerpieces, clowns, mimes, living statue capoeira show, ballerina workshops, games. The birthday was then closed by a huge JnOOn parade to celebrate the birthday girl's special day !!

Jnoon & Friends

  • JnOOn being the head leader of the team, and has a special hobby in organizing birthday parties

  • Jonah being the sweet girl who loves cooking and playing dress up

  • Plumbo being the kid who love plumbing and fixing stuff

  • Bazoo being the friendly bee who'se good in giving directions and planning.